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Home Owner Services

We offer Home Efficiency Tests which entails an Energy Advisor coming to your home. We will complete an evaluation of the components of your home and building envelope. We complete an Air Leakage Test to assess the air tightness of your home and document areas of leakage. Finally we give you a personalized Home Report, print out or email and offer various solutions to assist you in improving the energy efficiency of your home. We offer Energy Efficiency Consulting to meet any energy efficiency need, such as assessing which renovations to make or inquiring about alternative energy. We can give you a projected EnerGuide rating for your home.

We offer Pre-Home Purchase Home Efficiency Inspections which entails an Energy Advisor coming to the home you are looking to purchase and completing an Air Leakage Test.  We can show you how efficient the home you are about to purchase is and where there are problems.  Even new homes have issues, and can be unknown to the builder.We show you what where there is heat loss.


We can find solutions to fit any budget or do-it-yourself alternatives.