Elemental Energy Advisors Ltd.

Our goal is to reduce your utility expenses while conserving energy for our environment, one home at a time.

Elemental Energy Advisors offers home energy efficiency consulting, EnerGuide for Homes labeling and energy efficiency workshops.

We work with homeowners to find ways to improve the air tightness and efficiency of their home.

We work with builders, developers & architects to help ensure the energy efficiency of the homes they build and offer EnerGuide for Homes labels to prove it. We offer workshops to educate you concerning home energy efficiency, EnerGuide labeling & building or renovating for optimal energy efficiency.

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Cristi May-Sacht

Cristi May-Sacht


Cristi cherishes her memories as the Women Build Coordinator and is proud to have been a Community Partner on the Piercy Road Project for Habitat for Humanity. She raised public awareness, inspired and motivated hundreds of women to get involved, fundraise and build on the first Women Build in BC, which provided homes for 6 local families.

Steven May

Project Manager